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Hey howdy hey. This is the post to comment to if you wanna audition for a part. The stuff you should put in your comment is in the info, but I'll be nice and repost it here for our motivationally-challenged friends :)

  • YOUR name, journal, and e-mail address
  • if you can provide a code for your journal or if you're going to need one (this won't affect our decision; it's just important to know)
  • what character you would like
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT: tell us about your character IN character. And then tell us what you did during the week/weekend, still in character. It doesn't have to be long. It can be just a few sentences, just enough to show that you have a feel for RPing and that you really want to do it.

    More info on why we do it this way is also in the info, and I'm not gonna repost that, because I'm motivationally challenged. Everything you're looking for is there though, I promise.

    Danke schoen, and have a nice day! ;)

    Your friendly neighborhood moderator,
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