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Just being mod here, folks.

Okay. Calling in a favor time: first of all, PIMP THIS COMMUNITY. If you're a member of any communities that let you advertise other communities, do so! Post about in your journals, ask your friends, whatever, just get the word out. I WANT THIS PLACE SWARMING WITH APPLICANTS!! :D

Also, can everybody do me another rather large favor and post your AIM/Yahoo/MSN/ICQ/whatever here? You might want to create a separate SN for RPs, because it makes life a little simpler. Sort of. Actually not really. But we'll pretend it does :)

This way, we can get the RP moving with group RP chats and IMs. I think I'm making a safe call when I say most people have AIM or an AIM client so that'd probably be the best route to go (especially since that's all I have, and I'm on dial-up :D and the mod).

If anybody has any suggestions about chats or anything like that, just leave 'em here and we'll see where it goes.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator,
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